“I started this company over 40 years ago helping our clients navigate the challenges of multifamily real estate safely and profitably. We have grown from just 400 units to over 40,000 units, and our core philosophies remain the same: We believe in nurturing communities for our residents, inspiring engagement within our team, and optimizing the bottom line for our clients and partners.”

Jeffrey Goldstein, President & CEO


MMS Group brings decades of experience crafting a solid understanding of industry fundamentals and honing compliance expertise. We layer this with progressive capital markets insight, powerful back office and accounting software, and full-service property management. We take pride in delivering to our clients, partners, and residents the same individualized attention of the mom-and-pop shop we once were, with the acumen and corporate scale that is MMS Group today.

Affordable Housing
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As a full-service property manager, we offer our clients:

Property Management
Asset Management
Construction &
Maintenance Services
Leasing & Marketing
Real Estate
Consulting Services
Consulting Services
Physical Inspection
Consulting Services

Family of Companies

Our growing portfolio exceeds 40,000 residential units and includes high-rise luxury buildings, affordable housing cooperatives, subsidized rental properties, supportive housing, and conventional apartment buildings.

Our clients include progressive building owners, governmental agencies, real estate entrepreneurs, financiers, not-for-profit organizations, and cooperative and condominium boards. While each community and client are unique, each shares our singular commitment to excellence.